Closed End Rivets

Whether you are a commercial contractor, an industrial manufacturer, or just a do-it-yourselfer, RH Fasteners can meet your needs with an incredible inventory of assembly hardware. And it's not just nuts-n-bolts, we also carry everything from shop supplies to safety equipment!

Here's a listing of the variety of products we carry in this category. But this is just the beginning - be sure to visit our vendor catalog pages to see images, sizes, and part numbers.

  • 1/8x.063-.125 CLOSED END RIVET AL/AL
  • 1/8x.063-.125 CLOSED END RIVET AL/ST
  • 1/8x.188-.250 CLOSED END RIVET AL/ST
  • 1/8x.313-.375 CLOSED END RIVET AL/ST
  • 5/32x.188-.312 CLOSED END RIVET AL/ST
  • 3/16x.063-.125 CLOSED END RIVET AL/AL
  • 3/16x.126-.250 CLOSED END RIVET AL/AL
  • 3/16x.126-.250 CLOSED END RIVET AL/ST
  • 3/16x.251-.375 CLOSED END RIVET AL/AL
  • 3/16x.251-.375 CLOSED END RIVET AL/ST
  • 3/16x.376-.500 CLOSED END RIVET AL/AL
  • 3/16x.376-.500 CLOSED END RIVET AL/ST

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